Foragers Guild Guides

Foragers Guild Guides are an extensive collection of system-neutral fantasy toolkits, perfect for enhancing any roleplaying experience. Whether you're a guide, player, or creator, our books provide a wealth of information and inspiration that can be seamlessly integrated into any system. We believe in offering flexibility and creative freedom, allowing you to tailor your roleplaying experience to your preferences without limitations.

Foragers Manifesto System

The Foragers Manifesto is a character-forward, story-driven system that borrows familiar and traditional fantasy roleplaying tropes while encouraging creativity, cooperation, and player agency. It is fully compatible with the Foragers Guild Guides, and uses the same terminology.

Open Manifesto

  • As enthusiasts of the fantasy roleplaying hobby, we believe in the power of individual creativity and the ability to create roleplaying material, including characters, worlds, adventures, and systems, in your own unique way.

  • We believe the freedom to create one's own material is a fundamental element of the hobby and allows participants to have ownership and agency over the experience.

  • We believe the freedom to create one's own material is essential, as it allows participants to explore their interests, personalize the experience, and address their group's needs and preferences.

  • We believe the freedom to create one's own material allows for the exploration of diverse themes, settings, and perspectives, which enriches the hobby and brings new experiences to all participants.

  • We believe that creating your own material is a powerful tool for personal and social growth, as participants can explore difficult themes and ideas and learn and grow from these experiences.

  • We believe that creating your own material can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for participants, as they have the opportunity to bring their own unique visions and ideas to life.

  • We believe that the heart and soul of roleplaying is not and has never been found in any book and is not exclusive to any specific brand, creator, or publisher. It is and has always been the product of the unique creativity and collaboration between the participants. Without people expressing their ideas and imaginations, there is no fantasy roleplaying hobby, community, or industry.

Open Handbook

The Open Handbook serves as an open source, public-domain reference document for the diverse terminology used in fantasy roleplaying, particularly focusing on characters, settings, adventures, and players. It acknowledges the influence of history, mythology, folklore, and fiction on the terminology commonly employed in this hobby. While existing systems and mechanics may use different terms, this manual provides alternative terminology options to foster creative imagination and personal preferences.

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